Tha Launch Stage

We're finally here! All of your hard work and dedication have come to fruition and your album is properly finished. Congratulations!

Now lets put the music out there for people to feast on it!

Lesson Plan

I will walk you through the whole CDBaby process. I'll give you ideas for Youtube, Facebook, your website and finally some tips for getting reviewed.


  1. Overview


  1. Registration

  2. Song Codes

  3. Streaming Platforms

  4. Uploading the Artwork

  5. Credits

  6. Album Description

  7. Youtube Ad Revenue


  1. Styling the Channel

  2. Lyric Videos

  3. Music Videos

  4. Links & End Cards


  1. Video Cover Loop

  2. Button Links

  3. Music Player

Your website

  1. Styling

  2. Banners

  3. Crosslinking


  1. Send for review Tips

Wrapping up

  1. Closing comments