Tha Documents Stage

Once everything about the album is ready, it may seem like a great time to lay back, relax and enjoy the awesome work you have done. But boy, oh boy, work has just begun. What good is a brand new album if no one is going to listen to it?

It's time to let the world know you have a new baby and everybody has to know about it. One very important, and often overlooked step towards this end is to have a set a documents for reviewers, organizers and music industry related personnel to have and easily get to know everything about your new album.

Just as with the artwork, you want to have the most professional presentation possible in order to give a great impression.

Lesson Plan

I will give you a detailed look into creating a press kit, one-page, business card, album release and even a stage plot. I will provide templates for you to modify but some of this time will be spent showing you how the graphic design software works. Not every document may apply to your project so check the specifications before working on any of this.


  1. Overview


  1. InDesign

Press Kit

  1. Biography

  2. Members

  3. Album Info

  4. Reviews

  5. Past Albums

Promo Kit

  1. One-Page

  2. Album Release


  1. Stage Plot