Tha Demo Stage

The demo stage is supposed to be you having fun making music. You don't have to worry about arrangements, or backing vocals or instrumentation or anything else. It's just a barebone song with melody, lyrics (when applies) and basic harmony.

For this stage I recommend you to focus on the creation of great vocal lines and laying out a basic song structure with your guitar or piano so that you know what's going on harmonically. Eventually it is advisable to create lead sheets to be able to visualize all the information about the song in one place.


Lesson Plan

There is no set time in which you will finish all of your songs, but undeniably so, every song needs to go through this stage in order to move on to arranging, and finally recording it. Take these lessons knowing that the process will be basically the same every time.

Before Recording

  1. Overview

  2. A Good Enough Demo

  3. Equipment

  4. Song Structure 1

  5. Lyrics

  6. Lead Sheets


  1. Basics of recording

  2. Click & Grid

  3. Markers

  4. How to Record

  5. Vocals

  6. Guitar

  7. Piano

  8. Plugins

After Recording

  1. Music & Copyright