Tha Arrange Stage

The arrange stage is where you define the sound of your song, what vibe you want to convey, which instruments will help you achieve that vibe.

This stage is one of the most challenging because one song can become so many different versions only through arrangement. So the process can be fast or often times take weeks, it depends on how clear (and simple) your objective is.

Sometimes a certain sound will take you somewhere you were not expecting, and that leads to changing the harmony or the sections, or sometimes you find a better chorus or a bridge that is so good you want to expand. Start by experimenting with the song.


Lesson Plan

If you did your homework right in the planning stage, you should have no problem looking out for what you want to achieve with your song. These lessons will hopefully clear out a broad number of options for you to explore and also give you a set of tools to experiment and accomplish what you hear in your head.

Before Arranging

  1. Overview

  2. Defining Instrumentation (based on objectives)

  3. Equipment

Plugins I use for

  1. Drums

  2. Bass

  3. Piano

  4. Keyboards

  5. Electronica

  6. Brass

  7. Strings

  8. Orchestra

Types of Sound

  1. The Band Sound

  2. The Songwriter Sound

  3. The Beat Sound

  4. The Genre Sound

Arranging for the instrument

  1. Basic Drumming

  2. Think like a Bass Player

  3. Guitar Ideas

  4. Piano Ideas

  5. Keyboard Ideas

  6. Strings Ideas

  7. Brass Ideas


  1. Song Structure 2

  2. When is my song finished?

  3. When is all music done?