Can I make a song or a remix with your music?
Sorta. My music is meant to be used for multimedia projects such as videos and web applications. But the idea behing the GO REMIX Reward is that you can customize the tracks to your needs, play with the sections and so on. As long as you don't resell the music that contains my stems, I'm cool with you having as much fun as you like.
Can I use your music in my audio podcast?
No, i'm not allowing my music to be used in audio podcasts (for any license) as it causes me problems with the Youtube ID content, Facebook and other media platforms resulting in users getting copyright claim for their videos.
Can I submit my music to your website?
It depends. If you intend to add it to my catalog, the answer is no. But if you'd like me to review it, go to my Patreon and check the GO FEEDBACK Reward.


Can I use your music for free?
Yes! But you need to credit me and respect the Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 You can find the type of authorized projects here: Licensing Chart If you do not want to credit me there is a TV/Radio Ad License, but is for really big projects.
Do I need to ask you the authorization to use your music?
No, as long as you credit me and respect the license you don't need to ask me. Licensing Chart ​Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0
What is the proper way to give credits?
Examples of credits: "Music: http://www.go-composer.com/royalty-free-music" For Online videos (Youtube, Vimeo,...) I prefer credits in the video description. If you list your film on IMDB, you can also credit me there, this is my IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5526666/
Can I edit, modify or transform the music?
Yes you can, that's the whole idea behind the GO REMIX Reward. Adapt the music to your project's needs. Have fun!
Why 'NoDerivs' license?
I put the no derivative 'NoDerivs' mention to the creative commons license to keep people from profiting with my music, however you can play with the parts all you wan't and as long as you don't add lyrics or something you can adapt the music to suit your project.
Can I monetize my videos?


What is Patreon?
Patreon is a way to join your favorite creator's community and pay them for making the stuff you love. It's like Kickstarter but with the option to fund an artist with a monthly fee.
Can I buy the courses without using Patreon?
Patreon is the only way I am accepting payments, unless you want to purchase a TV/Radio Ad License for a track.
Why are you using Patreon?
Seems like a fantastic idea, it's all about the good spirit of supporting what you like and for us to create what we love and get payed. Seriously love the whole concept.
How can I enter your courses once I have become a patron?
As long as you login with your Patreon account, Patreon shares the information with the website automatically. So the system knows whether you payed, how much and if you ever decide to drop out, it automatically restricts access.


How come there aren't many videos available in your website?
Well, is an ongoing process. I have planned out a lot of material but it takes time and money to produce all of this. So rest assured that your patronage is essential for the population of more videos and courses.
I payed the One Man Band course and it's incomplete.
Yes, the One Man Band course it's a closed course. Every Month I am adding new content, and most of it comes from your suggestions so please be vocal about your needs.
What happens to my account if I don't support you at the beginning of the next month?
Patreon let's my website know. So, the access to payed courses and sections will be restricted. But don't worry the info is still there, if and when you decide to go for a bigger reward, you can access the information.


What do I do if i have a copyright claim on Youtube or Facebook?

Youtube & Facebook use a recognition software that scans the music in your video to see if you used copyrighted material. I do not register my tracks in this system so if you have a claim it is whether a "false positive" (the software is wrong) or that someone try to steal my music. Please do the following:

  • Contest the Claim! Do not remove your video. If Facebook warns you may be using copyrighted content, choose to upload your video anyway.
  • When Youtube ask you for a reason check: "I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material"
  • In the comments put a link where you have downloaded the track. If you have bought a license attach your license certificate.
  • Contact me with all the details about the claim: track title, composer, name, company, label that have registered the track. This way I can do something on my side if someone is trying to steal my work.


Huh, this whole free stock music system kinda' rings a bell. It looks like Bensound.com!
Guilty as charged. Benjamin Tissot had a fantastic idea with the system he uses. I have used his music several times for different video projects. His music is very good and the production is also top notch, so I am trying to emulate this system with some twists acquired from the Epidemic Sound model. So, by all means please check out Ben's website. It's quality material: https://www.bensound.com/ Benjamin, if you read this, I am sorry for ripping off your FAQs, they were so good I couldn't resist.
What software do you use to make your music?
I work on Cubase. I love Toontrack's Virtual Instruments, Native Instrumen'ts Kontakt, I am a heavy Omnisphere user and I also record some of the stuff with my guitars and mics.
Can I download your music from an iPad or an iPhone?
Sorry, you can't. Use a computer.