Part Time Keyboard Player


Learn how to play the piano, and then, learn how to think like a composer through the piano. This series is aimed at those musicians which want to expand their options to write better and more diverse music. You will probably not become a concertist but you will definitely learn how to write with a keyboard in front of you.


As a guitar player I can often understand the burden of not really making sense of written music. But as a keyboard player I can't imagine a more transparent way of looking at music. That is because written music and piano speak the same language (other instruments not so much).

I will walk you through the basics of playing piano: technique, positions, speed, chords, hand independence, etc. The ultime goal of these lessons is to help you understand how to write music with a keyboard. You will question how did you manage to live without it.

If you are a beginner player you might find some of this information useful. If you are an advanced player you will probably be bored, but I can recommend you to check my part-time guitar player series instead.

Do know that I am not by any chance a virtuoso, but technique aside, I know my way around the keys.

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