Part Time Guitar Player


Learn how to play the guitar, easily and straightforward. This series is aimed at those musicians which want to expand their options to write better and more diverse music. You will probably not become a virtuoso but you will definitely learn how to think like a guitarist.


I've loved the guitar ever since I heard my dad's rock records when I was a little child. It is a very easy instrument to play badly, but a very complex and challenging one to play properly. It con sound in so many ways, specially if you add fx to it, and it is such a fun instrument to play.

I have never been a great guitar player. At most I am decent one, but that doesn't mean I don't understand the instrument, I do. I know almost every scale, arpeggio, chord, inversion there are, and most techniques that you can play with it. I just haven't spent enough time practicing, because it is very demanding. But when it comes to writing music with a guitar I know exactly what it can do. And I will show you how I got there.

If you have never played a guitar, or maybe you have, but you feel you still got a lot to learn, these series of lessons will help you grow your understanding of how notes, chords, progressions, voicings, rhythms and sounds work in this limited yet complex instrument.

If you are an advanced guitar player, you may find you already know all of these and your time will be better spent learning other instruments. I recommend you check my Part Time Keyboard Player series instead.

I will show you everything I wish someone taught be when I was playing my first songs.

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