No Second Thoughts


Learn how to react to external factors immediately. As an improviser, you need to have an arsenal of cliché ideas, structures, rhythms and sounds that in a snap of a second will put you in sync with whatever you're watching or feeling, with the ultimate goal of serving a scene.


If you think improvising is about soloing over a given chord progression or song, you're in for a treat. Improvisation is the art of adapting seamlessly to a relatively unknown situation using your intuition, your logic and all of your musical resources; to anticipate possible outcomes, but moreover to be in the present time at every moment.

I will not show you how to solo, I couldn't even if I wanted to, I have specialized myself on creating background music on the spot; music that sounds cinematic even when is written as we go, music that enhances posibilites, that suggests subtleties, that surprises the performer as much as myself.

To get there I will show you tons of structures, progressions, rhythms, transitions, moods, effects and specially the logic I have developed during years of performing.

This information is a recollection of my experiences working with improv theater actors for over fifteen years. However, I believe every musician should train his senses, for this technique becomes very useful when working on applied music (movies, tv, radio, dance, performance, etc.).

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