Music Storytelling


Learn how to use music to serve another medium. That is to say, music that works as support for image, theater, dance or even videogames. There is a certain magic when you put your composing skills to shape drama, or a particular emotion. Scenes acquire depth, character's intentions acquire veracity, sequences acquire rhythm.


In my time working for theater, tv and cinema, I've had the opportunity to test lots of ideas against countless possible scenarios. From comedic situations, tragedies, satire, absurdity, subtle emotions, action scenes, etc. And what I have come to understand is that there is no right way to approach any of these situations.

Music, and art in general, is so vast and varied that you can –and sometimes should– try the craziest ideas against a set purpose, say enhance a dramatic tear-jerking situation, and you will find that more than one gets the job done. Then you must wonder what is more appropriate given context, backstory, genre and the main creative's (director, screenwriter, producer) wishes.

In these series I will explore how music shapes drama, how it transforms meaning or enhances it. I will cover everything I find interesting about using music as a secondary layer to a given project.

The power of music is immense when you understand the role it is supposed to play.

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