Grammar of Metal


I've been a metalhead ever since I was 13 years old. I listen to metal more than any other genre. And I have studied how every single aspect of it works: vocals, riffs, drums, solos, breakdowns, rhythm changes, structure, syncopation, etc. In this series that's what I will talk about: metal.


I've been writing metal music since 1998. I've had my share of metal bands and I've found that what I love the most is writing metal songs. So, I will throw in all sorts of ideas regarding how I come up with riffs, drum sections, structures, etc.

I know very few music genres that have these many subgenres. Metal is packed with all sorts of styles, from thrash, speed, heavy, sludge, doom, black, death, math, progressive, flower –I mean power–, etc. Every one with its specifics, themes and sounds. I love to talk about all these.

My lessons will be a huge laboratory to explore and find ways to come up with great metal material.

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